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(Long Endurance Multi-Intelegent Vehichle)...Now known as HAV-304.

AeroweldLTD was heavily involved in the manufacture of HAV-304 back in 2011/2012

HAV-304 is currently back in the UK and will once again take to the skys over Great Britain some time soon!

We are pleased to announce that we have recieved an award as a recognition of our work Hybrid Air Vehicles.

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About Aeroweld LTD

Aeroweld Ltd is a CAA approved company in the Aerospace Aviation industry. Specialising in Fine Tolerance, Fabrication, Machining & Welding. We are Part 145 approved with CAA approved welders based in Derby.

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Here at Aeroweld we offer a whole range of services from one offs to batch quantities. We also do Product finishing.

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Contact Details

Phone: 01332 385 900
Email: info@aeroweld.co.uk
9 Castings Road
DE23 8YL

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